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Report: Daily Status Interface

This is used to communicate current deal (lease) status to outside systems. (This is a shorter version of the Deal Export.)

How to Run
This is run from Main Menu - - Reports. The date range is used in order to calculate amounts through the end date given.

How Sorted
Location number, account number, deal number. (Underlined sort fields cannot be overridden.)

Interface Information
After the report has been run, ALMSys will display a save dialog for the interface file. There are a number of formats available for the data to be saved under. The "ALMSys Defined Text File" layout will print on the report.

All lease deals in the ALMSys portfolio (both active and terminated) are included in this interface. Terminated deal information is provided so that other systems will know that a deal is no longer active and the date on which it was terminated.

Interface formats available: ALMSys defined text file (TXT), comma separated values (CSV), XML data files (XML), Excel data (XLS).

Internal Name